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We commit to long-term relationships. We work side-by-side with you. We are agile. Creating stuff that actually makes life better.

Our clients say

Toomas Kärner IOT Business Manager, Telia Eesti AS Iglu helped Elion to develop mobile web and apps for our latest and most innovative product - Kodujuhtimine (Smart Home solution). Smart Home is a new field and as such it was crucial that our partner would understand the product in detail and would become a power user and fan of the product. Iglu's team learned the product and the related business goals very quickly and proved to be a strong member of our development team.

Marek Piller Head of Analysis and Delivery Unit, Telia Eesti AS Iglu is developing online self-service solution for EMT provided products and services. This demands business and technical competence, professional and dedicated experts who know how to build reliable solutions which are easy to use and work 24x7.

Martin Mark Head of Regional Project Unit, Nordea In a strategic project for Nordea it was crucial for the business analyst to quickly learn our business logic. Iglu was able to meet our expectations and our cooperation delivered us clear results in a short time. We value Iglu as a very capable business analysis partner.

Kadri Kallas Delivery Manager, TeliaSonera We involved Iglu’s Business Analyst in Telia Denmark complex e-shop and self-service developments. She instantly became autonomous and was a great help to us in fulfilling demanding business needs – thorough, reliable, giving 110% and taking control when needed.

Phillip Wilson Head of Product Development, Gala Interactive Iglu’s expert front-end developers helped us to meet the deadlines in a crucial portal development project. I am truly impressed by their ability to produce and present visible results quickly – and do it an agile and well-communicated way.

Imbi Kivi-Sild Head of IT, Estonian Road Administration Iglu is developing our self-service and other services. Iglu is a multi-skilled partner who is working with us both business-wise and technologically. They are looking for solutions to problems and proposing technical innovation. We are pleased to cooperate with them.

Olari Tammel Project Manager, Estonian Road Administration Cooperation with Iglu worked well. Their team was proactive proposing suitable solutions which made our life as client easy. Project held its budget and we never had to argue about it even when one component turned out to be more complicated than expected. I could even say it was the most pleasant experience with a development partner I have ever had.

Eveli Randlane Head of E-channel and Call Center, Amserv Iglu is a thorough and professional partner with whom we developed our used car portal. Iglu’s team was actively thinking along with us throughout the whole project and always kept working towards a perfectly thought-out and polished user-friendly solution.

Martin Lääts Development Manager, Evocon Professional, skillful, reliable and passionate - these are only a few words to describe the Iglu team whose members are fun and easy to work with. They helped us create a website that is unique in appearance and were able turn vital information into visual messages that are easily understandable to our clients.

Sten Pentus Founder, Honour Club Events We love working together with Iglu and its people. They have a professional, friendly and helpful approach, quickly understand their clients business needs and the needs of our clients. They always ask the extra questions, to be able to provide the best solutions. We also enjoyed our feedback meetings, where we assessed the work done so far and what could be different next time. It was great to see that we have similar core values, especially when talking about pushing the limits and doing things even better, than the last time. It is a pleasure working together.

Our people say

Tõnn Senior System Analyst Iglu is a friendly bunch of people who love to commit to the cause and take on new things. People are constantly working on learning stuff together and supporting each other. Iglu is a place where each new team member can turn directly to the CEO or talk with the best specialist of her field. Yet, Iglu is not only a place where we work. Iglu is a part of life. We hold chill parties. We gather to experience each other's hobbies be it building robots or playing ultimate frisbee.

Edith Senior System Analyst The nature of working in Iglu is like it was playing with other kids as a child and trying out the limits. As fun, exciting, supporting and challenging as it used to be -- just on a very different playground. Our team spirit and atmosphere keeps me going regardless of what's up. The people here keep me inspired. That's why every day I go to work, I am in a good mood.

Sander a.k.a. Sass Senior QA Engineer I enjoy working in Iglu because here I don't have to write on our homepage why I enjoy working here. But nobody prohibits it as well. In Iglu we have a cozy atmosphere and I do not feel like I have to run away as quickly as possible when the clock reaches five. The recipe for this atmosphere is "put carefully picked berries in the jam". In Iglu I can be myself. There is no need to be politically correct. Here I can experiment with interesting stuff and bring other eskimos along. Every good idea will find participants.

When you want to create software that works, there are two simple things you have to keep in mind...

Our clients speak for themselves

  • Iglu is developing self-service solution that provides EMT's products and services online. This demands business and technical competence, professional and dedicated experts who know how to build reliable solutions which are easy to use and work 24/7. 

    Marek Piller Head of Analysis and Delivery, EMT 



  • Iglu is developing our self-service and other services. Iglu is a multi-skilled partner who is working with us both business-wise and technologically. They are looking for solutions to problems and proposing technical innovation. We are glad to have a competent partner like Iglu. 

    Imbi Kivi-Sild Head of IT Estonian Road Administration 



  • Iglu has shown itself as a strong partner who is able to guide and train our in-house people. We especially appreciate Iglu's contribution to business analysis and initiation of new projects. 

    Rain Kirjanen Head of IT Development Estonian Energy  

  • Iglu’s front-end developers helped us to meet the deadlines in a crucial portal development project. I am impressed by their ability to produce visible results in short time – and do it an agile and well-communicated way. 

    Phillip Wilson Head of Product Development, Gala Interactive 

  • Iglu helped us develop a unique software system for apothecaries and a new homepage. Südameapteek has a goal to bring service quality in pharmacies to the next level in Europe and these systems help a lot. 

    Kristjan Kilp Development Manager Pharma Holding 

  • Iglu is a thorough and professional partner with whom we developed our used car portal. Iglu’s team was actively thinking along with us throughout the whole project. They always kept working towards a perfectly thought-out and polished user-friendly solution. 

    Eveli Randlane Head of E-channel and Call Center Amserv 

  • In a strategic project for Nordea it was crucial for the business analyst to quickly learn our business logic. Iglu was able to meet our expectations and our cooperation delivered us clear results in a short time. We value Iglu as a capable business analysis partner. 

    Martin Mark Head of Regional Project Unit Nordea 

  • Professional, skillful, reliable and passionate - these are only a few words to describe the Iglu team whose members are fun and easy to work with. They helped us create a website that is unique in appearance and were able turn vital information into visual messages that are easily understandable to our clients. 

    Martin Lääts Development Manager  

  • We love working with Iglu people. Their approach is professional, yet friendly and helpful. They always ask the extra questions and quickly develop a good understanding of our business needs. We enjoyed retrospective meetings - finding new ways to push even more! 

    Sten Pentus Honour Club Events founder 




Iglu was founded in 2013.


55 specialists are working in Iglu.


Our people have on average 8.1 years of experience in IT.


17 of us exercised for 129 hours in March.


94% of our people came to Iglu's halloween party with a costume.


On our DJ Fridays around 30 songs are played.

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